Friday, 9 October 2009


I'm on the train to Preston, but thought I'd share a little tale.

This week was to be healthy week. I've got my bike in London and was to cycle to work. In addition I would take sandwiches.

As it transpired I only actually made sandwiches on two occasions this week.

On the first occasion I carefully prepared my sandwiches in the evening, and placed them in the fridge. In the morning I completely forgot them. When I found out I was absolutely furious. I ate them for tea to punish myself for being so rubbish.

So of course when I prepared sandwiches last night I was determined to make sure I took them to work. I wrote a note. I also set a reminder on my phone. SANDWICHES! It screamed at me as I awoke this morning.

Thus, I did not forget to take the sandwiches to work. What I did do, however, is completely forget I had them in my bag once lunchtime came round. I duly trotted off to the canteen and frittered away £3 on potato waffles (it's a good pun if you accept the term 'fritter' for crispy potato foodstuff).

So once again I was cross with myself, and once again I find myself eating cheese and pickle sandwiches for tea.

Although, as it happens, they have been welcomely, and summarily scoffed because, as mentioned, I am on the train.

So what's the moral of the story?

Don't whinge about sandwiches, perhaps.

Thursday, 17 September 2009


If this works I aim to update more regularly, but with shorter posts, from my phone...

Wednesday, 3 June 2009

European Elections

Just finished a 3 minute radio package on tomorrow's elections, based around interviews with Emma Hoddinott and Godfrey Bloom.

It's far from revolutionary I'm afraid, but I've found out to my cost that it's very difficult to conform with election law AND give both sides of an argument (and due credence to other parties representing Yorks and Humber) in just 3 minutes...

Nevertheless, I'm quite fond of the music bits - taken from La Llorona by Beirut. Possibly should have used more.

CUE: It's the European elections tomorrow. Adam Gabbatt's been out to meet some of the candidates and find out what, if anything, the elections mean to people here in Sheffield.

Thursday, 14 May 2009

Broadly Speaking - Forge Radio Awards

Our 3 minute entry for the Forge Radio Awards, in the Best Specialist Show category. Containing "Will's Silly Stories", "Adam's Poetry Corner" and "Impressions".

Thursday, 26 March 2009

More comedy

As followers of this blog (there's nine, which I find hard to believe) will know, I recently competed in the Sheffield heat of the Chortle Student Comedy awards. I recorded my performance that night and interviewed some very pleasant comics, from Comedy Sportz in Manchester and Abbcom in Sheffield, and this is the result....

N.B. The 'cue' to this (read by newsreader/presenter) would be

"Comedy’s been popular on radio and television ever since the first commercial radio broadcasts in the 1920s. But how do comedians get their foot in the door?"

Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Chortle Chortle

A weekend of much comedy here in Sheffield, where the inaugral Sheffield Student Comedy Festival took place. It was organised by the universities own 'Shrimps', an improv comedy troupe, and featured sketches, improv, standup and more from around the UK.

We ventured down on Friday night for some jolly good fun. Highlight for me were the Cambridge Footlights, who were superb, but the whole event was incredibly well organised and I didn't see a bad act.

Sunday saw the Sheffield heat of the Chortle Student Comedy awards, which was also held at the university. The competition consists of ten heats around the UK, with around twelve participants in each. The winner of each heat is decided by a panel of judges from Chortle, “The UK comedy guide”.

Thoroughly milking my postgraduate student status, yours truly entered the contest. I didn’t win; that honour went to the hilarious, and very deserving, Joe Lycett but I had lots of fun. Unfortunately the clip of me selected by the good people of Chortle includes me telling an absolute stinker of a joke, which will never be aired again.

But a good night had nonetheless. All the acts were lovely, and very amusing. I’m backing Joe to win the final in Edinburgh.

You can see video clips of us here, and vote for your favourite act here... (One more act will progress to the final based on the public vote)